Core Technology

Core Technology

We are experts in the research and design for sensor strips, capable of developing sensor strips tailor for specific demands. Our core competence include our ability to minimize strip size and combine with calibration-free technology, exceeding the limitations of traditional electrode sensor. This innovative technology can widely apply in different applications like academic study, production quality control, Laboratory research or field test.

能斯特方程式(Nernst equation)
與酸鹼度計(pH Meter)關係


The relation between Nernst equation and pH meter.

When testing sample was place into the Calibration-free pH Strip Electrode, it will activate reduction–oxidation reaction on the strip’s working film, potential can be measure from it and Nernst equation can be applied to calculate the correlation between pH value and the potential, and the slope 0.0592 v/pH is obtained. Production consistency can then ensure the strips to achive calibration-free property.

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